Healing Diaries is as opportunity to be prayed for and to speak of all of the wonderful moments when God has brought healing into our lives. By sharing and reading of what God is doing within people, we can all be encouraged and strengthened in our faith. Jesus can do the impossible! Jesus can heal the sick! He healed the sick while roaming the earth and he continues to heal the sick today.

Now, if you are sick, in pain, or have a pressing need then please leave a prayer request comment below, and you WILL be prayed for! Then we can share the wonderful answers to prayer that follow.

This is the beginning of the healing diaries, and your prayer request below would be greatly received...

Here are some prayers/requests from: May 2012.


  1. I am asking you all to pray for the Poor of Monroe Park, a city park in Richmond, Va. U.S.A. The City government seems determined to have the park closed for "renovations" so as to force out the poor and homeless. This is the only place left for Church groups to feed the poor, plus it's a shame that they want to ruin a beautiful place like this.

  2. Allen, please be ensured that we've been praying for this request. Any progress in the matter?
    God bless,




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